We are pharmacy experts using data-driven transparency and insights — for those who prefer knowing more to knowing less.

We work across the entire pharmacy chain to expose what’s hidden, untangle what’s confusing, and weed out what’s distracting. Because only then can you make truly informed decisions about affordable access to health care that helps people lead more productive lives.

Objective Truth

Our pharmacy experts and proprietary intelligence engine work together to deliver the transparent insights you need to make critical program decisions.

Inside Expertise

Our knowledge comes from having been on the inside. Making us a better partner to provide the understanding and perspective you can use.

Client Advocacy

We are on the side of truth and transparency. Period. Empowering you with what you need to keep people healthy while maximizing affordability.

The only one that performs what they do…Truveris was standalone…Really on their game – combination of people and software.

– HR Benefits Manager, Plan Sponsor

Their RFP approach objectively ensures the winning bidder provides the value the client is promised.

– National Practice Leader, Large Brokerage

With insight at its core, our purpose-built, data intelligence engine drives actionable decision-making to bend the cost curve and improve access in pharmacy.

No matter where you stand in the pharmacy chain, we provide the expertise and tools you need to see through the fog and untangle the knot of pharmacy benefits — so that you can be empowered to make the best decisions to help people lead more productive lives.

Find Solutions.

Engage with our pharmacy experts to find the right solutions to optimize your pharmacy strategy.