Use insights from across the pharmacy ecosystem to gain an edge

Variations across and within insurance plans make traditional co-pay programs ineffective. If you aren’t optimizing for today’s payer landscape, your program could be costing you more than it benefits you. Our comprehensive pharmacy benefits expertise and in-depth analytics help you create co-pay programs that drive growth and brand success.

Deliver the Right Benefit to the Right Patient at the Right Time

Pharmacy Benefits Expertise
Experts in pharmacy benefits who can optimize your program for today’s market – and tomorrow’s changes.

Real-Time Analytics
Deep insight into how your program is performing, how the market is responding, and how to adapt it to ensure you are maximizing potential.

Flexible Technology
User-friendly, SaaS based reporting platform accessible 24/7 and customized to meet your needs.

Case Studies

Trusting the Data

A brand team overcomes their initial resistance to changing copay programs and is rewarded with stronger sales and lower costs.

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Weaning Off Electronic Vouchers

A brand team overcomes their initial resistance to wean off electronic vouchers and is rewarded with lower costs and a higher market share.

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Segmenting to Drive a Higher ROI

A brand team breaks away from competition and drives higher ROI by targeting high value scripts through offer segmentation.

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