A brand team overcomes their initial resistance to wean off electronic vouchers and is rewarded with lower costs and a higher market share.


An Ophthalmology brand of a leading U.S. pharmaceutical company had an expensive electronic voucher program that was blowing their yearly budget. The brand team was concerned that getting rid of this electronic voucher program would significantly reduce sales and market share.

Our data science team analyzed millions of data points, using proprietary algorithms built from longitudinal patient behavior data. Truveris used this analysis to design a streamlined commercial program segmented by copay range. Additionally, the program would focus on affordably reducing patient abandonment across the copay distribution. While the program materially differed from what was currently in place, the Truveris team was confident in the new data driven approach.


A brand team is rewarded for a bold move that both lowered cost and led to the highest market share in the brand’s history. Within 8 months of implementation, the brand increased market share by .5% and reduced program costs by 7%.

Increase in Market Share

Decrease in Program Costs