truPay puts affordability solutions into your hands. And that helps you put medication into patients’ hands.

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Our proprietary technology and therapeutic expertise create innovative, customized copay programs that help you help patients save on their prescription medication to increase adherence.

Strategic Design

We help you optimize the efficiency and effectiveness of your patient programs with our industry-wide intelligence engine and market expertise.

Dynamic Execution

We provide full-service support to help you effectively execute programs across all channels and distribution models.


Tactical Analysis

Our dedicated client-experience teams partner with you to analyze your copay program — providing insights that identify highest-value groups and mitigate waste.

A Powerful Combination

truPay utilizes both our proprietary technology and therapeutic expertise to deliver unmatched confidence in your affordability and savings programs.

  • Up to 50% reduction in abandonment
  • Up to 25% increase in adherence

Omnichannel Expertise

truPay helps you streamline distribution of your affordability programs through multi-channel deployment: web, text, mobile, EHR, debit, point of care.

Drive Adherence Through Strategic Engagement.

See how truPay can help you better connect to patients throughout the patient journey.