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Did you attend the Asembia Annual Pharmacy Summit in 2022? Over 6,000 pharmaceutical professionals gathered in Las Vegas last May to share learnings and predictions for the evolving life sciences market. Here are Truveris’ biggest takeaways from each day of Asembia 2022.

When you download one of our daily roundups, you’ll learn:

  • The latest revenue streams that define the PBM market

  • Projected advancements to pharma, from biosimilars to gene therapies

  • How programs like 340B are dictating how dollars flow

  • Debates on payment structures - and payment relationships

  • The shifting approach to vertical integration within the pharma space

Download The Truveris Daily Recaps Of Asembia 2022

Day 1 Recap

On Day 1, we attended sessions on biosimilars, gene therapy, “inflationary rebates,” and tech-enabled patient access strategies.

Day 2 Recap

Day 2 held the keynote address from Scott Gottlieb, former Commissioner of the FDA. Plus, Adam Fein dove into PBM revenue streams, new trends in pharmacy M&A, and how 340B is here to stay.

Day 3 Recap

The focus of the final day at Asembia was around collaboration. How are new specialty drugs forcing pharmaceutical manufacturers to collaborate directly with employers? How are employers reacting?

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