When you download the Broker Toolkit, you get:

  • A full-length training on how PBMs work
  • A pocket guide to evaluating a PBM contract
  • A savings calculator to estimate potential deal improvements
  • A buying guide to compare pharmacy partners
  • A glossary of key terms to know in pharmacy benefits
  • And more!

Download the Broker Toolkit today to get started on differentiating your business on pharmacy

Because pharmacy is one of the only benefits that can be negotiated on a claim-by-claim basis, benefits brokers have the opportunity to create major savings for their clients in pharmacy—if they have the right technology to do so. Why not equip yourself with all the available resources?

What’s Inside The Broker Toolkit?

The Truveris Broker Toolkit contains a variety of instructive materials designed for benefits brokers and their unique position in the pharmacy ecosystem. These assets include:

  • A 30-minute webinar filled with insights on how to get the most out of your relationship with your Pharmacy Benefits Manager

  • A strategic guide to managing contracts throughout the pharmacy benefits lifestyle

  • An extensive glossary of pharmacy benefits terminology and definitions

  • A calculator that helps you find areas where your clients can save money on their pharmacy benefits plan

  • A guide to help your clients find the best pharmacy partner possible

  • An explanation of how you can reduce pharmacy spend and delight your clients

What’s Inside: Take a Deeper Look

Read more about the robust assets that you’ll find inside the Broker Toolkit.

  • The PBM 101 Webinar

    No matter how many years of industry experience you have, there are always times when it’s helpful to go back to the basics. In this webinar, we’ll reintroduce you to prescription drug benefits and the role of pharmacy managers. Why? We want you to reimagine your role in the pharmacy ecosystem and get creative with the people and resources available to you. The PBM 101 Webinar is a great way to relearn the value of a strong PBM relationship from a new perspective.

  • The Pharmacy Benefits Glossary

    In the world of pharmacy benefits, there’s a lot of jargon and terminology to wrap your head around. This glossary offers straightforward definitions in accessible language that makes it easy to build expertise around complex concepts. The glossary is an excellent resource to have on hand, especially as pharmacy continues to evolve.

  • The Pharmacy Benefits Savings Calculator

    Want to create value for your clients by optimizing their pharmacy plans to achieve substantial savings—without sacrificing meaningful coverage? With our savings calculator, you can enter the details of your client’s organization and their current coverage, and we’ll estimate how much you could save your client on their pharmacy spend.

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At Truveris, we’re on a mission to lower prescription drug costs, demystify the pharmacy journey, empower patients and payers, simplify the PBM selection process, and improve human health. Schedule a consultation with a member of our team to see how our technology and expertise can help you achieve your pharmacy benefit goals.