When you download the Pharmacy Benefits Toolkit, you will receive:

  • A pharmacy industry landscape 101
  • A full-length training on how PBMs work
  • A pocket guide on building transparency in your pharmacy program
  • A guide to selecting the right pharmacy benefits partner for your needs
  • A guide on managing specialty drugs for your population

Download the Employer Toolkit today to get started on navigating the complex pharmacy benefits ecosystem.

What’s Inside The Employer Toolkit?

The Employer Toolkit contains a variety of instructive materials specifically designed for HR & benefits leaders to educate on the pharmacy benefits industry and how organizations can save more money on pharmacy benefits. These assets include:

  • An introduction into the pharmacy ecosystem, including some of the key players and the challenges that various stakeholders face in pharmacy benefits

  • A 30-minute webinar filled with insights on how to get the most out of your relationship with your Pharmacy Benefits Manager

  • A guide to help optimize a pharmacy contract for specialty drugs

  • A pocket guide with strategies on building more transparency into your pharmacy contract

  • A guide on selecting the best pharmacy benefits partner for your organization’s needs

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About Truveris

Truveris has built the only independent, data-led, patented solution that creates complete PBM pricing transparency and drives competition to reduce costs for employers. Our platform offers an end-to-end approach to buy & optimize pharmacy via our unique marketplace, 100% claims oversight, analytics, and member engagement solutions.



  1. How did you determine what to include in the employer toolkit?

    The resources that we created for the employer toolkit reflect the most commonly cited priorities of our clients, combined with the most pressing industry issues from our team of pharmacy contract experts. If you’d like to learn more about any of these topics, or about how to reduce your unique pharmacy spend, let us know.

  2. Can I share this toolkit with others?

    Yes, feel free to share this toolkit with others in your organization who are interested in optimizing pharmacy benefits. If your team is curious to learn more about how to reduce your pharmacy spend, reach out to us.

  3. What if I have more questions about my pharmacy benefits?

    If you have more questions about your pharmacy benefits, you can contact a Truveris expert by clicking here. Our experts would be happy to give you a complimentary perspective on how you can reduce your pharmacy spend.