2023 Pharmacy Headlines: GLP-1s and Average Manufacturer Price (AMP) Cap in the American Rescue Plan Act

Join us for a live discussion on key pharmacy headlines in 2023, including GLP-1s (such as Ozempic) and the Average Manufacturer Price (AMP) Cap in the American Rescue Plan Act. During this conversation, Truveris pharmacists will walk through the recent uptick in GLP-1 drug usage, the pipeline for upcoming GLP1, and weight loss drugs launches. We will also review the impact of the American Rescue Plan Act, and specifically AMP Cap, a mechanism within the ARP Act that is impacting commercial pharmacy and PBM rebates.

By the end of this webinar, you will understand how the changing pharmacy landscape is impacting plan sponsor pharmacy programs, and what you can do in your pharmacy contracts to optimize spend and utilization in relation to GLP-1s and AMP Cap.

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About the speakers:

Blake Shrout, Pharm.D., Clinical Advisor

As a Clinical Advisor, Blake serves as a subject matter expert on pharmacy-related topics. He partners with Client Solutions’ account team to support the clinical needs of clients, while also providing ongoing client-specific clinical insights and industry trends. Prior to joining Truveris, Blake served as the pharmacist-in-charge of a Walgreens Specialty Pharmacy before working as a Clinical Pharmacist for Conduent where he oversaw the specialty and rare disease drug edits.  

Gabrielle Gekhtin, Pharm.D., Clinical Advisor

Gabrielle Gekhtin serves as a Clinical Advisor at Truveris, bringing almost 7 years of dedicated experience in the healthcare industry. She specializes in clinical advisory roles, encompassing a wide spectrum of expertise, including retail, specialty, and managed care pharmacy. As a Clinical Advisor at Truveris, Gabrielle leverages her extensive industry knowledge to cultivate robust client relationships and devise tailored solutions that address the unique needs of each client.

Steve White, MBA, Portfolio Vice President

Steve White is a seasoned professional with over 20 years of experience in the healthcare industry, specializing in pharmacy account management and sales. At Truveris, Steve serves as the Portfolio Vice President and brings with him a wealth of expertise gained from nearly 13 years of working with two of the nation’s top three PBMs in various capacities. With a deep understanding of PBM underwriting practices, Steve recognizes the vital importance of transparency in our healthcare system as we strive to advance healthcare in America.

Watch Webinar Recording