SVP, Product Strategy

Louise Shea, RPh, has nearly four decades of experience within the pharmacy and healthcare ecosystem. At Truveris, Louise serves as Senior Vice President of Product Strategy, where she devises and implements new solutions to the challenges that patients, payers, and life sciences brands face in the pharmacy chain. 

Prior to joining Truveris, Louise spent time in the PBM industry, as Regional Vice President of Client Engagement at Prime Therapeutics. In a similar role, Louise spent time guiding clients at Lagniappe Pharmacy Services, a pharmacy technology company, based in Pine Brook, New Jersey.  

For nearly 10 years, Louise was the Director of Strategic Operations at Argus Health Systems, with responsibilities including client relationships, product development, process improvement, and overall pharmacy benefit management for clients, including clinical programs, pharmacy networks, drug information, and reporting. Louise served in a similar role at Prudential Healthcare as Director of Pharmacy Operations Support. 

Louise began her career behind the pharmacy counter as a community pharmacist for nearly seven years.