Empower members to get the most out of their pharmacy benefits.

oneRx is a member engagement solution that creates savings for you and your members.

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An easy-to-use tool that helps members find the best prescription price with customized medication price comparisons.


Personalized Price Comparisons

oneRx empowers members to compare prices between their unique insurance cost and discount options – helping them save money on prescriptions.

Benefit Navigation

oneRx helps members adhere to their pharmacy benefit plan by showcasing generics, informing about alternatives, and educating on prior authorizations.

Plan Optimization

oneRx delivers member data to help plan sponsors analyze pharmacy trends, anticipate upcoming plan needs, and optimize for additional cost savings.

oneRx is available for plan sponsors with over 1,000 members and integrates with the Truveris pharmacy benefits platform.

oneRx for Plan Sponsors

✓ Integrated with Truveris solution suite
✓ Reporting on discount card usage
✓ Zero technical implementation
✓ Member onboarding resources

oneRx for Members

✓ Shows insurance out-of-pocket costs
✓ Downloadable prescription discount cards
✓ Seamless account setup
✓ Modern, easy-to-use interface

Watch the oneRx demo

See how oneRx can save you and your members money by driving access to affordable prescriptions.