truCheck helps you give patients the cost transparency they need. So they can get what they need.

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Our solution provides data-driven insights that help your brand create smarter access strategies and provide transparency into out-of-pocket costs — thereby giving patients and healthcare providers the confidence that your brand is accessible under the patient’s pharmacy benefits.

Customize Benefit Offers

We give you solutions that support a variety of patients and help you navigate barriers to access — because affordability should not be a one-size-fits-all approach.

Deliver Decision Support

We help you target your benefits more effectively by providing patients with access to the cost, savings, and resources tailored to their needs. And we put it all at their fingertips.

Eliminate Cost Concern

Our technology solution shines a light on costs so that there is no drop off due to concerns about affordability.



truCheck proprietary technology delivers everything you need to better manage and deploy your access programs.

  • Customized and integrated savings offering
  • Address plan-specific restrictions
  • Drive to patient support services

Increase Transparency. Improve Outcomes.

Request a demo and learn how truCheck provides value to patients and physicians while building brand confidence.