truConnect provides the solution that lets you connect with patients every step of the way.

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Our solution lets you connect with patients to help them more effectively engage and manage their prescription throughout their patient journey.

Drive More First-Fills

truConnect leverages our integrated platform to connect patients to the right benefit at the right time — driving higher compliance and better outcomes for your brand and patients.

Increase Prescription Adherence

truConnect provides a patient-centered solution that equips patients with access to savings and medication information. Our solution helps you understand the triggers that support prescription fulfillment and compliance, as well as the tactics that help patients stay adherent.

Engage Healthcare Providers Where They Are


Elevate your brand and create physician confidence through affordability information and access. Engage HCPs within the EHR to connect patients with your medications from the outset.

Take Your Copay Strategy to the Next Level.

The technology and expertise to create stronger affordability programs.