With truGuard you can go from wondering to knowing in the blink of an eye.

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We deliver unmatched technology and expertise to provide contract monitoring and management in the palm of your hand.

Comprehensive Review

Complete review of every claim to ensure contract accuracy and compliance.

Plan Strategy

Our market experts provide actionable recommendations to continuously optimize your plan.

truGuard puts the analysis and recommendations you need into cloud-based solutions so you can quickly and easily understand how your pharmacy benefit plan is performing.


Provides insight into volume and cost within a reporting period — producing a quick summary of your pharmacy utilization.

Specialty Financials

Monitor and manage the highest cost driver to your plan and stay on top of new-to-market specialty therapies.

Guarantee Performance

Measures your PBM contract’s performance against its pricing guarantees.

Ensure Accuracy and Optimize Your Plan.

Let us show you how truGuard can proactively monitor performance, reduce costs and optimize pharmacy plan benefits.