Podcast - The Future of the PBM Landscape

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Pharmacy benefit managers, or PBMs, are at the center of the pharmacy benefits ecosystem today. But how is the role of the PBM changing, innovating, and adapting over time alongside the broader pharmacy and healthcare industry? In other words, what is the future of the PBM landscape?

Listen to Truveris’ Chief Executive Officer, Nanette Oddo, opine on the shifts she’s noticing in the industry today. Dive into Episode 26 of Employers Health’s HR Benecast, featuring a full-length conversation between Oddo and Mike Stull, Employers Health’s Chief Strategy Officer. In this exclusive interview, the two discuss the PBM landscape today and how it is changing, including specifically:

  • How the full-service pharmacy benefits manager model is evolving
  • What recent mergers and acquisitions mean for the industry
  • What differentiates the major PBMs today
  • How ongoing data and analytics inform plan design and management

Tune into the conversation, which was originally recorded on June 17, 2021, using the player below. A special thank you to Mike Stull and the Employers Health team for having Truveris as a guest on The HR Benecast.

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