The Truveris Marketplace

Increase savings with the industry’s most robust pharmacy benefits procurement solution


What is the Truveris Marketplace?


The Truveris Marketplace™ is the only truly objective pharmacy procurement approach. Our unique solution is focused on connecting plan sponsors and benefits brokers to more than 60 PBMs and other emerging pharmacy providers to bolster the strongest pharmacy benefits contract possible. We then use our patented process* to execute the bid, contracting, and implementation process.


Unlike other solutions that rely on group pricing and aggregate performance guarantee measurement, our technology and expertise drive competitive, custom procurements. Our patented solution, fueled by objectivity and analytical rigor, ensures you are in the best position to realize overall savings and get the most out of your pharmacy benefits contract.



What can the Truveris Marketplace do for you?

Pharmacy benefits, simplified

Our independent, end-to-end pharmacy benefits solution secures competitive contract terms, helping clients:

✓    Save time to focus on other pressing business needs and revenue drivers

✓    Streamline the RFP process through technology and industry expertise

✓   Optimize contract pricing by creating competition from PBMs and emerging vendors

✓   Align pharmacy contract terms with the plan’s specific goals and member needs

✓    Pinpoint optimal contract improvement areas

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Truveris' Technology in Action:

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Variable contract terms analyzed per procurement

Our commitment to objectivity and transparency in pharmacy

We’re not a PBM. We’re not a provider. Our goal is simple: to deliver the best pharmacy benefits that save money and lead to better health outcomes.

Through the Truveris Marketplace™ procurement process, our clients receive the best available industry rates for prescription drugs and services, made available through the competitive bidding process.

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How does the Truveris Marketplace work?

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Our patented, insights-led approach simplifies PBM procurement while ensuring optimal plan performance throughout the entire contract lifecycle. Steps include:

  1. Truveris team analyzes your plan data to understand your utilization trends and the greatest opportunities to improve your contract.
  2. Truveris Marketplace™ experts help you select bidders and normalize RFP terms for your plan needs.
  3. During our multi-round procurement process, PBMs and other pharmacy vendors compete  to deliver the best value for your contract needs.
  4. Dedicated account staff facilitate an apples-to-apples comparison to select best deal and support contracting and plan implementation with the awarded benefit provider.

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