Webinar - The Rise of Biosimilars: How Payers Should Plan for 2023 and Beyond

Save your seat today for Tuesday, November 15th!

Save your seat here for this Truveris Webinar – The Rise of Biosimilars: How Payers Should Plan for 2023 and Beyond:

Webinar details:

Tuesday, November 15th | 12:00pm to 1:00pm EST
Held virtually (link provided upon registration)

About this Truveris Webinar – The Rise of Biosimilars: How Payers Should Plan for 2023 and Beyond:

If you follow pharmacy benefits, you’ve been hearing a lot about biosimilars and their promise to contain specialty pharmacy costs. Specifically, all eyes are on ten biosimilars awaiting FDA approval that are poised to compete with Humira – the world’s highest grossing drug.  

As biosimilars enter the market, many questions arise. How will biosimilars change the way pharmacy claims are processed and covered? How will PBMs integrate these new drugs into their formularies? What will be the impact on rebates? And how can payers ensure that their decisions about biosimilars today are sustainable throughout a three-year contract? 

Join Truveris for our latest webinar discussion on how to navigate the wave of biosimilars coming to market. During the session, Truveris experts will discuss how and why biosimilars are revolutionizing pharma, their impact on pharmacy benefits programs, and important preparation strategies for payers to implement within their current and future PBM contracts. 

During this session, we will:

  • Learn why biosimilars are an innovative development in medicine 
  • Outline the impact biosimilars may have on your pharmacy benefits plan, specifically your PBM contract, formulary, and member experience 
  • Share strategies to prepare your self-funded plan for the rise of biosimilars  

About the speakers:

Adrienne Trudell, PharmD, BCGP, CPBS 

Adrienne Trudell is a pharmacy benefit manager (PBM) subject matter expert supporting Truveris’ account management team. She provides consultative and clinical insights to help clients optimize their pharmacy benefits. 

Adrienne is a multi-faceted clinician with 10+ years of hands-on experience across Client Services, Pharmacy Benefits, and Clinical Management. In addition, Adrienne is a veteran of the U.S. Army where she served in the rank of Captain. During her tour of duty, she held several supervisory positions culminating as the Assistant Chief of Outpatient Pharmacy Operations at Womack Army Medical Center, which was the department of defense’s busiest pharmacy network dispensing $1.5M prescriptions annually. 

Adrienne received her Doctor of Pharmacy from Xavier University of Louisiana College of Pharmacy. She also completed a managed care residency at Kelsey Seybold Clinic in Houston, Texas and holds a board certification in geriatric pharmacy. 

You might recognize Adrienne from her starring role in last year’s Truveris webinar, “Strategies for Maximizing Your Pharmacy Benefits Contract.” 

Joe Thomas, PharmD, MPBA 

Joe Thomas has spent 15 years as a clinical pharmacy expert in retail pharmacies, PBMs, consulting firms, and academia. 

At Truveris, Joe collaborates with plan sponsors and brokers to guide them toward more efficient pharmacy programs, based on clinical developments, emerging pharmacy trends, and the plan’s own data.  

Joe spent several years with CVS Health as a Clinical Advisor within their PBM Coalition Business Unit. Joe has also served as a clinical pharmacist for Accredo, Walgreens Home Infusion Services, and Walgreens Specialty Pharmacy.   

Joe is an adjunct professor at the University of Pittsburgh, where he teaches managed care. 

You might recognize Joe from last year’s Truveris webinar, “Payer Strategies for Anticipating and Managing Gene Therapy.”  

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