Webinar - Transparency in Pharmacy: Innovative Strategies to Drive Outcomes for Self-Funded Plans

Watch our on-demand webinar, originally recorded on September 20, 2022.

Watch the recording of this Truveris Webinar – “Transparency in Pharmacy: Innovative Strategies to Drive Outcomes for Self-Funded Plans” here:

About this Truveris Webinar – Transparency in Pharmacy: Innovative Strategies to Drive Outcomes for Self-Funded Plans:

In the pharmacy ecosystem today, payers are increasingly demanding more and more transparency around pharmacy spend. How can self-funded groups ensure they’re getting the most value out of their pharmacy benefits contract while maintaining the most visibility and control over the plan?

Watch this Truveris webinar centered around strategies to drive true transparency and inform decisions throughout the pharmacy benefits lifecycle.

During this exclusive session, Truveris experts begin by describing the dynamics that are influencing the increase in pharmacy costs. Then, they shed light on how the market is adapting to respond to the increased demand for transparency within the pharmacy ecosystem. Finally, our expert panel offers innovative strategies and case studies that can help you evaluate and purchase competitively-priced benefits.

During this Truveris Webinar on transparency, we:

  • Review the current pharmacy landscape, and why costs are rising
  • Discuss strategies for creating more transparency in pharmacy
  • Learn the role data plays in a transparent pharmacy plan
  • Explore a case study that illustrates the impact of these strategies in action

Meet the moderator:

Kristin Crosswait

Truveris Webinar: Transparency in Pharmacy - Meet KristinKristin Crosswait has spent her career within PBMs and health plans as a strategic partner to plan sponsors, helping guide them toward better coverage for their members.  

At Truveris, Kristin serves as Portfolio Vice President of Client Solutions, overseeing a team that strategically supports the pharmacy solutions for Truveris clients.  

Kristin has spent over 25 years in client engagement and growth and education roles at leading PBM and health plans, including CVS Caremark, Prime Therapeutics, Kaiser Permanente, Cigna, and Humana.

About the speakers:

Sara Sherrod

Truveris Webinar: Transparency in Pharmacy - Meet SaraAs the Vice President of Marketplace Management at Truveris, Sara leads the team responsible for connecting PBMs and pharmacy vendors with plan sponsors on the Truveris Marketplace. In this way, Sara has deep domain expertise on the many variables that pertain to PBM contracting, pricing, and implementation. Her team has helped hundreds of plan sponsors find and procure a tailored blend of pharmacy services for their members.  

Before this role, Sara was Director of Strategy and Innovation at Truveris. She has also spent several years at Phreesia, the leading patient intake system, during which the company experienced significant growth.  

Before entering the healthcare industry, Sara was a practicing corporate attorney at Curtis, Mallet-Prevost, Colt & Mosle LLP. 

Anthony Iannaci

Truveris Webinar: Transparency in Pharmacy - Meet AnthonyAnthony Iannaci has spent the last four years at Truveris analyzing, evaluating, and optimizing hundreds of PBM contracts.   

Anthony began his time at Truveris focused on analyzing pharmacy benefits procurement data for groups anywhere from 100 to hundreds of thousands of lives. After serving as a Senior Analyst in this capacity, Anthony transitioned to the Marketplace Management team. In this role, Anthony manages PBM relationships, while also using robust data and analytics to pair PBMs and pharmacy vendors with plan sponsors, creating the most efficient, mutually beneficial partnership possible.  

Before joining Truveris, Anthony served as an internal consultant at GLO Science, a high-growth oral health device company. 

Joe Thomas, PharmD, MPBA

Truveris Webinar: Transparency in Pharmacy - Meet JoeJoe Thomas has spent 15 years as a clinical pharmacy expert in retail pharmacies, PBMs, consulting firms, and academia.  

At Truveris, Joe collaborates with plan sponsors and brokers to guide them toward more efficient pharmacy programs, based on clinical developments, emerging pharmacy trends, and the plan’s own data. 

Joe spent several years with CVS Health as a Clinical Advisor within their PBM Coalition Business Unit. Joe has also served as a clinical pharmacist for Accredo, Walgreens Home Infusion Services, and Walgreens Specialty Pharmacy.  

Joe is an adjunct professor at the University of Pittsburgh, where he teaches managed care. 

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